Returns and Refunds

If you decide to return your order (or part of it), for whatever reason, please read the following instructions.

There are many reasons why a return might be justified: late delivery, product damaged in transportation, product in poor condition, etc. 

If you have received your order but wish to return it, please read the following instructions first:

  1. Notify Laumont of the issue as soon as possible using your normal communication channel: The reason for the return must be declared on the same day that you receive your order. You should do this using the standard communication channels (click here for our contact details).
  2. Record visual evidence: Take photos or videos to justify your reason for making a return.
  3. Wait for a response from one of our sales representatives before proceeding with the return: Either our customer service department or a sales representative will contact you to explain how to return your order.
  4. If a full or partial refund is due, our customer service department or sales representatives will explain to you how this will be processed.