Logistics options for national and international deliveries

When we receive an order, we assess different factors (such as destination, volume, weight, product type, etc.) to select the most appropriate delivery method.

Laumont assesses different factors in order to choose the best delivery option. These factors include:

  • Product characteristics: Laumont offers fresh, frozen, preserved and dried products. Each type of product requires a different delivery method.
    • Fresh truffles and mushrooms: These products need to be delivered quickly and kept refrigerated until they reach their destination. In the case of mushrooms, it is not possible to seal the packaging as the mushrooms need to be able to “breathe”. Truffles can be shipped in sealed packaging, but ice is normally used to keep them at the ideal temperature. 
    • Frozen truffles and mushrooms: These are the most complex products logistically since they need to be kept frozen until they reach their destination. To do this, we use specially designed packaging and special ice to keep them frozen at all times.
    • Other products (dried mushrooms, truffle condiments, preserved truffles): These products do not need to be kept refrigerated, so they can be delivered using standard methods.
  • Destination:
    • National deliveries: Deliveries to elsewhere on the Iberian peninsula are normally made within one working day for all orders received before 13:30. Deliveries to the Balearic Islands are made within 2 working days and for the Canary Islands, there are different logistics options available depending on the type of product ordered.
    • International deliveries: International deliveries are normally handled by the courier guaranteeing the fastest and most reliable delivery in each country. If you are interested in arranging a delivery to a specific country, please send an enquiry to info@laumont.es
  • Volume and weight of order:
    • For orders with a special volume and/or weight, such as palletised shipments, we use bespoke solutions to optimise costs.